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  1. Hi there,
    My name is Ioan Dumitrescu and I am concept artist/illustrator and along with some partners we are organizing this amazing workshop here in Romania.It is the first Eastern European concept art workshop of it's size and we have succeeded in gathering some of the biggest pros in this industry(Stephan Martiniere,Steambot Studios,Mark Goerner,Kekai Kotaki,Alex Alvarez,Neville Page).We have made our event public on the large international forums and communities(like CGHub,CGSocciety,CGChannel,Concept art.org) and now we are trying to spread the word in each European country through forums like Max3D.pl.I was wondering if we could start a collaboration of any kind to help digital art evolve here in Europe through our event and through your community.Hope to hear from you soon.
    Our website is : http://www.iron-curtain.org
    Here is my CGHub portfolio: http://jonone.cghub.com
    Best regards,
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