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Pojazd 3D: Warszawa 223 MO

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Warszawa 223 1964

3dsmax, v-ray, HDRI

made for illustrations in the magazine 'World Police cars'

environments - HDRI




PWC_024_010_Warszawa_223_first_page_3x.jpg PWC_024_011_Warszawa_223_second_page_3x.jpg


Police_Cars_24_HR_1.jpg Police_Cars_24_HR_2.jpg


PWC_024_001_Warszawa_223_miniature.jpg PWC_024_010_Warszawa_223_central_page_3x.jpg


SW_Warszawa_223_0.jpg SW_Warszawa_223_1.jpg


PWC_024_004_Warszawa_223_modelling_0.jpg PWC_024_004_Warszawa_223_modelling_1.jpg



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