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-50% na czarny piątek   

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Zapytałem się twórcy tego programu, okazuje się, że wystarczy po prostu napisać i nie będzie problemu z przeniesieniem licencji na innego PCta. Po prostu podczas instalacji softu na innym PCcie dostaje się nowy Hardware ID i to Hardware ID trzeba wysłać do Twórcy i następuje potem łatwa przesiadka po otrzmaniu kolejnego klucza :)
Spoko, bardziej mi chodziło o zainstalowanie na dwóch kompach ;) Tak czy siak kupiłem 2-pak za 29$, więc problem z głowy.


Btw. patrzyłem na info domeny, to chyba ruskie developery są :D

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Albo jeszcze nie sprzedał 1000 licencji, albo to taki chwyt marketingowy.
Raczej to drugie ;) Tak samo było swego czasu z Messiah, że niby chwilowa cena 40$... a później okazała się być stałą ceną ;)
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Dali wersję 1.27. Ktoś wie gdzie można znaleźć pacz notes? Szkoda że update się automatem nie robi tylko trzeba instalować od nowa...

U was też opcja transform głupieje przy dużych rozdzielczościach?

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VERSION 1.27 (03.04.2015)

1) “Quick brush resize” tool added (drag and resize) (Default hotkey "Ctrl+Alt")

2) “Show brush cursor” option added ) (You can hide the cursor when painting) (Menu->Options)

3) New buttons added to the Navigator panel:

- "Reset angle" button (default hotkey "Shift+Home")

- "Reset canvas” scale to 100%"(Default hotkey "End")

4) “Pixelate on zoom in” effect added (Corresponding slider at Menu->Options) (If you don't want the pixelate effect on zoom in, set it to “zero”)

5) “Binding to 1.00” added (100% canvas scale) to the Navigator scale slider.

6) An issue of crashes caused by fast painting in the Mixer tool fixed

7) The "center point” sign added when rotating the canvas

8) More precise brush cursor added

9) “Mouse right click as a hotkey” tool added

10) An issue of “incorrect blending of flat non-bristle brushes” fixed

11) An issue of “Wacom offset for unusual two monitors layout” fixed


jest changelog.

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heh wiecie co, nie polecam. kupiłam, był problem z pozyskaniem instalki (musiałam się meilowo upominać) a jak zainstalowałam to przy dwóch godzinach testowania program zdążył niesamowicie zlaggować i skraszować się dwa razy.

Program ma potencjał, ale na obecną chwilę nie opłaca się go kupować.

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wersja 1.30 z językiem polskim :)


New release 1.30 is availble! www.paintstormstudio.com/download.html


Special thanks for translation:

Adam Ratai, ARTEN digital, Takayuki Nakamatsu, Tanaka Hiroshi, Tsukasa Kiryu, Kouki Aikawa



1) Added new interface languages: Russian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish (do you want to help translate the Paintstorm Studio into your language? contact us by e-mail)

2) Fixed an issue caused by non-latin symbols in the file names the preservation of documents on non-English language. For ex., now you can load and save files with Cyrillic or hieroglyphic symbols.

3) Fixed several system issues leading to hangs and crashes of the program

4) Improved the stability for artists using Intel HD cards:

- Fixed a "white screen on zoom out" issue

- The "bilinear tex." tick is not required any more for most users

5) Fixed different issues with "drag and resize" tool

6) Fixed a “Select and move” issue. You can now move the selected area in a familiar way

7) Fixed a “clipping mask merge down” issue

8) Fixed an issue of black color admixture when resizing bristle brush

9) Fixed an issue with the movement of the program window

10) New hot keys added:

- Straight lines (shift)

- Previous brush








10988501_1065241963490284_6695204419537414359_o.jp  g

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Nowa wersja + forum

cena nadal 19 dolców ale nie wierzę że nie sprzedali jeszcze 1000 licencji :)




VERSION 1.31 (17.05.2015)

- New «symmetry and mirror» feature added

- New «rope and spring» stabilizer mode added

- A line while drawing the straight lines added (press Shift)

- Now you can switch to the eraser by the turning the pen over

- An autosave feature added (Menu-> File-> Options). It is enabled by default and saves every 10 minutes

- New hotkeys added: eraser toggle, preserve layer opacity, toggle mirror, toggle clipping mask

- Now Paintstorm memorizes the position and the size of the window of the previous session

- Canvas background can now be painted by the "Paint interface" feature

- Bugs fixed:

1) Bug with downloading the huge psd file

2) The "global max scale" bug

3) An offset for Yiynova tablets fixed

4) Paintstorm no longer uses CPU when inactive

5) Other bugs and crashes





VERSION 1.32 (31.05.2015)

- New «Polygonal lasso» tool added

- New «Ellipse» selection tool added (hold SPACE to move, hold CTRL to make round circle)

- New «Crop» tool added

- Maximum value of the "Global scale" option is increased to 250%

- Bugs fixed ("Color dodge" at save\load psd, "Esc" on menu pannels, allways minimized window)

- In ...\Documents\Paintstorm Studio\Data\forcetablet.txt added two options "mode" and "toggle earser on pen revert"






I kilka timelapsów, tutków i recenzja


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VERSION 1.40 (31.08.2015)

- MAC version is avalible

- New interface design

- Windows 10 compatible

- Added new interface languages: Italian, German (You can choose language from Paintstorm "menu->File->choose language")

- Bugs fixed


VERSION 1.41 (22.09.2015)

- The registration system updated. Now you can transfer your license from one machine to another. Read more http://paintstormstudio.com/registerfaq.html

- Some new features added to the «Color» panel: «triangle» mode, RGB and HSB sliders, the brand new feature called «Color Limits» that allows you to limit the choice of color by brightness and saturation.

- The «Picker mode» button added to the «Mixer» panel

- Now you can control the sliders with a keyboard and bind them to 1,2 ..9 buttons. Rightclick any slider to set the binding.

- «Free transform mode» updates: «Rotate 90 degrees», «Flip Vertical / Horizontal», «Apply» and «Cancel» buttons added on top of the panel. Some small bugs fixed.

- The “Grid spacing” slider added to the perspective guides mode. You can activate and adjust the perspective grid size

- The «Tablet Settings» window added to Menu->Files (Win only. Forcetable.txt - now depricated)

- Now you can open files via "Drag and drop" and the OS menu "Open with"

- The «Recent files» window added to Menu-> Files

- When in the «Fast preview» mode (space + shift) you can click anywhere on the canvas, release space + shift and automatically be transferred to this place.

- To open the drop-down list rightclick the «Layers» panel

- The «Thumbnails size» slider added to «Layers» settings panel. Now you can adjust the size of layers icons.

- When the «Blend transp.» mode is on , the «Transparency» works as an eraser. For example, you can set the «Color Amount» to zero and set the «Revert-graph» to «Transparency» on the pen pressure and get a unique blend-eraser.

- Added two shortcuts: «Quick color picker» (works instantly without mouse or pen click), «Current layer visibility toggle»

Fixed the following bugs:

- Eraser burn effect bug

- Inactive buttons on the custom panels bug

- «Panels fill» cursor bug

- Other small bugs







użytkownik z tego forum - sebel nagrał nawet 3 timelapsy z użyciem paintstorma :)



















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