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Modo 902! Darmowy update wersji


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Tym razem ja nie o obniżkach na Modo ;)

Otóż The Foundry postanowiło dzisiaj uraczyć posiadaczy Modo 901 darmowym update'em, który dorzuca kilka nowych, ciekawych i przydatnych funkcji do programu! Dotyczą one głównie Matte Paintingu wewnątrz Modo, ułatwień do ustawiania kompozycji, a także pracy kamer wraz z background images (lub jak kto woli blueprintami)


Oto i one:

Camera matching


Easily match a 3D camera to a background image just by drawing on screen and using one-click set-ups: you can match position, rotation, focal length and resolution, and estimate lens distortion.


Projecting images


Choose from the Projection Texture to project images into a given texture channel, and the Projection Shader to replicate the exact pixels of the real-world image unaffected by your scene's lighting and shading.


Projection Ink


Use MODO's intuitive brush-based tools to paint projected textures directly onto UV-mapped geometry. Blend images from multiple cameras to create seamless maps that work from any angle.


Camera Plane modifier


Create an image plane with a single click; MODO will adjust size, position and rotation to keep it filling the screen as you adjust the depth. Repeat for easy multi-layered compositions and animations.


Physical Sun setup


Use image metadata—location, direction, time of day—to automatically match MODO's Physical Sun to the real-world setting. Photographed and virtual shadows will align with just a few button clicks.



Cała lista zmian znajduje się tutaj: http://community.thefoundry.co.uk/support/MODO902_details.aspx


Natomiast korzystając z postu Mike Jensen z forum The Foundry pozwolę sobie przekleić filmy dotyczące kilku funkcji:


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