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  1. We now added free web hosting for everybody in the VFX & Gaming industry. The accounts offer 10 GB web space, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and everything else you could need. Also an auto installer for WordPress and 50 other scripts is included to make the start even easier and faster. As web address you can choose between "USER.showreel.name" or "USER.vfx.name". It is also possible to use domains you already own or just register a normal TLD (like .com, .net, .ca, ...) with us. http://showreel.tv/webhosting
  2. You can now find over 550 of the most recent VFX jobs on showreel.tv The jobs postings are read directly from company web pages, so the listings are always up-to-date! Also, get directly informed about new jobs with our "Job-Alerts". Follow us also on Facebook & Twitter! http://showreel.tv
  3. Showreel.tv finally launched and offers all artists to create an online portfolio with HD-Showreel, Breakdowns, Galleries, CV, .... for FREE. Additionally abilities and software-knowledge can get added to the profile which will automatically be matched with jobs. So each artist will directly see which of the jobs matches best to him. Also job-alerts can get activated which inform artists directly by email when a new job got posted which fits their profile and/or contains the right keywords. New jobs also get published on Facebook, Twitter and as RSS-Feed, so nobody has to miss any jobs any more. Applying for jobs is also directly possible on showreel.tv. All the needed information is already saved in the profile anyway. So no more need to fill long and almost identical forms again and again for each company you apply. Only the cover-letter-text has to get entered and the application is done. Recruiters also have the ability to directly search for artists by them self. After they added a job, they can directly see all artists which fit the job-requirements and are currently looking for work. It is also possible for them to directly search for artists by their abilities, location, status, .... So in future artists even get considered for jobs without even applying for them. Creating a profile is very fast and easy. The most information can directly get imported from LinkedIn. Also privacy is no issue. Artists can directly define who can see their profile and which information. The page is totally FREE for artists and will also stay like that forever! Also recruiters can post jobs and look for artists totally free for the next months. When that changes they will get informed a few months in advance. So no risk for anybody! http://showreel.tv
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