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Thea Render 1.1


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Wlasnie pojawila sie nowa wersja renderera Thea oznaczona numerkiem 1.1

Z najciekawszych rzeczy mamy przyspieszenie samego silnika prawiw 2krotnie oraz integracje z Colimo.


W chwili obecnej najnowsza wersja dostepna jest wylacznie dla licencjonowanych userow lecz dla wszystkich powinna byc dostepna w ciagu paru najblizszych dni.





Changes Log


Thea Render v1.1.01 Revision 568 (21 September 11)

  • Colimo integration with unbiased TR1 and TR2 engines. (Unbiased/Colimo)
  • Optimized environment resulting in a speed up factor close to x2 and better memory footprint. (All Engines)
  • Parallel building environment is now implemented. (All Engines)
  • Addition of Render History functionality. (UI)
  • Updagred UI API version, solving problems on some linux distributions. (UI)
  • Implementation of selecting models by material. (UI)
  • Implementation of sorting of all scene entities. (UI)
  • Faster display of scattering panel in material editor. (UI)
  • Corrected applying smoothing and welding for scene view groups. (UI)
  • Minor fix for scene view icons removing transparency dots. (UI)
  • Generating now model previews with standard OpenGL solid output in a new model preview list. (UI)
  • Corrected bounds calculation for models in Viewport. (UI)
  • Added cleaning up for empty models. (UI)
  • Re-written list and browser controls to avoid flickering (faster painting but tooltips are lost now). (UI)
  • All notebook tabs can not be moved and split allowing for further UI customization. (UI)
  • Support for auto saving and restoring interface layout. (UI)
  • Support for saving and loading layout presets. (UI)
  • Selection-only render mode for faster Viewport drawing of heavy scenes (key ']'). (UI)
  • Faster selection updates in both Scene View and OpenGL scene. (UI)
  • Improved scroll bar control supporting click anywhere in the empty space and up/down step movement. (UI)
  • Fixed showing accidentally the generic icon along with mix/scatter/struct icons in material editor. (UI)
  • Bug fix in basic material when sampling with both diffuse and specular components are present. (All Engines)
  • Small bug fix in basic material where drawing diffuse samples in the presence of specular component. (All Engines)
  • Fast clicking on the spin control has much better response now. (UI)
  • Merging of Scene and Content windows. (UI)
  • Layout and Interactive Render settings are now both saved/restored as xml files in Config directory (inside data folder). (UI)
  • Material files are now saved getting less disk space. (I/O)
  • Faster selection of objects from the scene view. (UI)
  • Faster scene operations (delete, duplication, grouping, etc.). (UI)
  • Limiting now available layers to 32 (minor limitation since Viewport uses only 10). (I/O)
  • Making sure now that duplicated and newly added objects in the scene have unique names. (I/O)
  • Various corrections in grouping, ungrouping and selection making. (UI)
  • Added automatic cleanup for files written in Temp directory. (I/O)
  • Optimized renaming and name updating for Scene View panel. (UI)
  • Fixed network bucket rendering when region render is enabled. (Network)
  • Addition of Viewport objects takes place now at given position in tree view. Undoing is also possible. (UI)
  • Addition of edit menus for models, lights and cameras and implementation of cut-copy-paste functionality. (UI)
  • Material editor parameter panels can now be disabled completely by control+clicking on the active panel icon. (UI)
  • Integrated support for large previews (256x256) for material and texture editors (high resolution). (UI)
  • Recursive rebuilding of all previews in browsers. (UI)
  • Pivot centering can now take place for the selections. (UI)
  • Added render information in image files (viewable through History panel). (UI)
  • Resuming a render now, correctly resumes render region. (All Engines)
  • Fixed progress bar never getting hidden again after opening files. (UI)
  • Inventory and list control icon names appear now with normal font when preview size is big. (UI)
  • Small improvement for picking scene objects (mainly during interactive rendering). (UI/Viewport)
  • A little more frequent updates for interactive render. (IR)
  • Small optimization (during initialization and shutdown) when model packages are present in the scene. (All Engines)
  • More conservative approach for activating instancing mode in environment (with a hard limit also set at 4 Gb). (All Engines)
  • Hemisphere gizmo is displayed now only for sun light. (UI/Viewport)
  • Right clicking on scene tree does not update now property sheet and material editor (for faster context menu). (UI)
  • Different context menus for models, lights, cameras and materials of scene tree. More operations implemented (like "Make Material Unique"). (UI)
  • Small fix to display correctly (huge) numbers of nodes/leaves/triangles in the log after building environment. (Log)
  • Materials can now be edited for proxies as well. (UI)
  • Fixed a problem with translating the parent folders in browsers. (UI/Internationalization)
  • Added toolbar in scene tree view. (UI)
  • Fixed blurring rendered objects in BSD when deformations were being applied on mesh. (BSD)
  • Added editing of render resolutions and saving them in configuration. (UI)
  • Added shadow catcher and repaintable icons for materials in scene tree view. (UI)
  • Scaling fix for marble procedural. Discontinuity fix for checker and gradient procedurals. Bump computation fix for wireframe procedural. (Textures)
  • Texture brightness control behaves the same now for positive and negative range. (Textures)
  • Scroll bar fix for scene tree list when resizing window. (UI)
  • Changes in position coordinates in transform tool (Viewport) can now be undone. (UI)
  • Added basic toolbar operations (building previews, sorting, clean up) for Models and Materials list panels. (UI)
  • Basic parameterization for OpenGL viewport. Surface instances are now drawn by default instead of bounding boxes. Texture max size is also configurable. (UI)
  • Added more material rooms and SSS advanced simulation ball (rooms created by Sandro Sorce). (I/O)
  • Materials are now overriden in material rooms using the "@[email protected]" name (and not changing the name in the assigned Models). (Data)
  • Added tracing depth per material for adaptive BSD engine. (BSD)
  • Merging options include now whether render options will be kept or replaced. (I/O)
  • Animation options and layer mask are now preserved when merging scene (as part of render options). (I/O)
  • Added a few basic primitives shipped with the package. (Data)
  • Corrected drag & drop for scenes between browsers. Corrected previews in folders with mixed scenes and models. (UI-I/O)
  • Added "New Scene" functionality. (UI)
  • Setting up now min/max blurred subdivs, tracing depth and min/max emitter rays from material automation menu. (UI)
  • Solved the problem of lights and cameras inside medium by introducing "Interface" for these entities as well. (All Engines)
  • Corrected applying scene transformation for grouped packages. (UI)
  • Saving or packing scene is now handled without freezing user interface. (UI-I/O)
  • Name shown, big icons and a few other options from lists/browsers are now saved and restored from registry. (UI)
  • Fixed projector light saving now power, efficacy and unit. (I/O)
  • Depth and alpha channels need now 1/3 memory than before. (All Engines)
  • Corrected all proxy conflicts when merging scenes, keeping names always unique. (UI-I/O)
  • Previews, as well as load/save processes, are now taking place with the frame disabled (behind progress dialog) to disallow events that may lead to crashes. (UI)
  • Small improvement in handling binary raw meshes with incorrect data (written by the plugins). (I/O)
  • Fixed crash case of perceptual direct light estimation in the presence of multiple refracting objects. (BSD)
  • Improved consistency of network bucket rendering. (Network/BSD)
  • Fixed saving/loading pack.thea files with international filenames. (I/O)
  • Fixed packing of IES filenames when having grouped IES lights in the scene. (I/O)
  • Various sync improvements between server and clients. Network rendering should be very robust now. (Network)
  • When opening a filename parameter, the file dialog goes to the directory the file exists. (UI-I/O)
  • Added missing terms for translation. (UI/Internationalization)
  • Changed splash screen and splash paint mechanism. (UI)
  • Added exporting of activation key for manual (on-site) activation. (UI/Licensing)

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