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Dark Stork Studios - C++ Developer

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We are looking for a talented C++ Developer to join our amazing, highly-motivated team.



- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field;

- Minimum 3 years of professional experience writing production C++ code;

- Excellent knowledge of C++ and STL;

- Deep understanding of object oriented analysis and design;

- Working knowledge of algorithms and algorithmic complexity analysis;

- Solid mathematics background in linear algebra, vector analysis and other 3D graphics related fields;

- Good understanding of common concurrency primitives;

- Performance minded development and good optimization skills;

- Knowledge of low-level computer architecture;

- Ability to debug complex multithreaded code;

- Experience working with large production codebases;

- Working knowledge of at least one version control system;

- Excellent problem solving and communication skills.



Before applying please ensure you checked all conditions for requirements on our website.





[email protected]



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