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Freela 2D - IRON MAIDEN 1000 PLN

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Sorry for writing in Eng. but my written polish is bad. If you want to help me with the freelancing - write to me in Polish.



I will be fast. I am looking for a 2D artist to draw my tattoo. I am a huge Iron Maiden fan. I want to finish my leg tattoo with several different Eddies from Iron Maiden. I can help with references. I have the book from Derek Riggs and several scans of Eddies.


The job goes the following:


- make a fucking bad ass composition of as many Eddies as possible in black and white (ink will be black)

- gotta be original and not a rip off of Derek's work (those can be used as reference)

- help me to give detail and close the coloured tattoo I get with the new art. I.e., I have a The Trooper tattoo in colours, all around that will be the black and white art with the other Eddies

- I will have both photoshop file in HD and a printed/painted copy of the art in about 40cmx30cm.


The tattoo will be done by Mariusz Romanowicz. He made the Trooper one.



I am paying for that 1000 PLN.


I live in Gdańsk.


Please contact me by email: bruno.schivinski [@] gmail [dot] com


Send me your portfolio and I will contact the person I want to work with.


Thanks guys!


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