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Dostałem to na maila:


Dear SourceForge.net User,


This week SourceForge.net turns five years old. Happy Birthday to us!

The site started 60 months ago with a dream, a small team, and a lot of

sweat equity. At that time, in late 1999, the Internet boom was

raging and VA Linux (now VA Software, our parent company) was just

weeks away of having the most successful IPO in history.


SF.net's mission back then was simple: To provide a vehicle for open

source developers to do what they do best, develop code. VA would

handle all the cost of bandwidth, servers, and tools necessary to

communicate and collaborate. The company at the time was in the Linux

hardware business, and we wanted to give back to the open source

community, which had been so generous to us. With only a handful of

registered developers we made within the company predictions on how

many open source developers were out on the Internet and how many would

use the site. Our high water mark was 5,000 developers. Needless to

say we were a bit off. The viral nature of open source quickly became

apparent when we first opened the site to the public. Since 1999 our

biggest challenge has been trying to stay ahead of the growth curve.


Today we have close to 1,000,000 users and 100,000 projects. The 10Mbps

we used for bandwidth has now grown to 1.6Gbps (including mirrors). Our

five servers have ballooned to more than 80. Our storage requirements

have gone from 10 gigabytes of data to more than 1 terabyte.


Over the years, we've seen a lot of changes -- the Internet bubble

popped, VA changed its name and business model, and geopolitically

things couldn't be more different.


Still, during this time, our mission has remained the same: to provide

a place for open source developers and their software to thrive. I

thank each of you for contributing in some way to

SourceForge.net. We couldn't have done it without you!


For year six, we have a lot of exciting things planned, including UI

updates, enhanced tools, new tools, and Subversion support (version

control). It will be an exciting year. We can't wait to show you.


Finally, I'd like to thank the dedicated team that manages the site on a

day-to-day basis. Their hard work and dedication make SF.net what

it is today. I couldn't do it without you. They are:


Adi Alurkar

David Burley

Chris Conrad

Jacob Moorman

Ari Gordon-Schlosberg

Gareth Watts

Uriah Welcome

(Thanks guys.)


As always, if you have any questions or issues with the site, please feel

free to email me. My email address is [email protected].


Thank you. Happy coding.




Patrick McGovern

Director, SourceForge.net

[email protected]

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