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Wings3d Release Name: 0.98.29


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No wreszcie cos sie ruszylo znowu :) ogromne zmiany i dzieki Bogu na lepsze ! instalka wingsa ma juz cale 3 mb to juz nie zarty ;)



lista zmian :

Release Name: 0.98.29




Notes:- New language: Portugese. (Thanks to Luiz Fonte Boa.)- In each language file, any untranslated texts are included at the end of the file to simplify maintainance of translation.FBX plug-in:- In the Windows and Mac distributions, the FBX plug-in is now included, making it possible to export and import FBX files (both FBX 5 and FBX 6). The source code for the FBX plug-in is included in the source code package. (This is possible because Alias recently released the FBX SDK for Windows and Mac as a free download, no longer requiring any Non-Disclosure Agreement.)- Current limitations in the FBX exporter: Vertex colors are not exported.- Current limiations in the FBX importer: Only geometry is imported; no materials, textures, or vertex colors are imported.New exporter features (by Dan and Bjorn):- The OBJ, 3DS, and VRML exporters now have options to omit export of attributes such as normals and UV coordinates.- The OBJ and VRML exporters also have an option to triangulate or quadrangulate the geoemetry.- Bugfixes and improvements for the VRML exporter. (Thanks to Czestela and MrCristopher.)- Dan improved the triangulator to produce more regular patterns of triangles.- Added the emission parameter to the OBJ format. (Thanks to "Desired User Name").AutoUV improvements (by Dan):- New, automatic tweak mode. (Just drag an element to move it.)- Several new commands.Yafray (by Raimo):- Changed the lower limit for photonlight fixedradius to 0.0 as it should be.Bug fixes:- Connect tool on image planes work now (hopefully). Also fixed another problem where the Connect Tool would hang forever. (By Dan; problems reported by PC and Grafix.)

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tak ale to jest jeszcze nowsza wersja ;)

trzeba uswiadamiac ludzi ;)


twoja zgryzliwosc mnie rozjebala ale coz tak to jest jak sie jest ... i sie mysli ze kazdy kto cos powie jest skierowane do ciebie z taka sama zgryzliwoscia

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