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[Brazil] Brazil v2 Rio dostępny

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Jak w temacie :)


We have just released our free demo version of Brazil V2 on our website.

You may download it here along with the documentation.







Why do a FREE version like this?


It's no secret that SplutterFish has a long history of freely

providing critical (and fun!), high-end 3D tools to the CG community --

many which are now shipped "in-the-box" as part of 3ds Max. We don't

believe that lack of access to tools should be the reason for keeping

creative individuals from expanding their skills and realizing their

potential as artists.


We do, however, make our living by selling the commercial version

of Brazil r/s, and we hope that by continuing to support the community

in this way, that community will continue to grow and support our

efforts as well.


What's not included in the Rio Edition?


This build is based upon and includes all the features of the

current Brazil r/s Pro-beta build, but is selectively feature-limited so

as to make it primarily usable for personal and educational purposes.

Rio will not work well in a mixed "Brazil r/s" and "Brazil Rio"

environment. A list of disabled features and limitations includes:


* No support for network rendering

* Image size has been limited to 1024x511 maximum

* File saving/loading limitations:

o Scene files can be created/saved/loaded

freely between Rio versions

o Scene files saved in Brazil Rio will be

loadable/savable in Brazil r/s

o Scene files saved in Brazil r/s will be

loadable, read-only, in Brazil Rio (meaning

you will not be able to re-save the

loaded file)


This version is much faster and more complete than previous

versions of Rio and contains the same features that were used to

generate all the images in the Gallery.



How can You contribute


Report bugs

If you find any, let us know smile For now, just report any bugs to

our forums -- please try and avoid reporting bugs that are already there


Contribute something back to the community

Help us improve the documentation, contribute to the Materials

Gallery, upload something to the Image Gallery, Write a tutorial for the

Brazil r/s Field Guide, etc.)


Help someone else

Hang out on our forums and help out someone who needs it.


Buy something from SplutterFish

We all need to make a living doing this, and we depend on the

grass-roots of this community, so if you're in a position to purchase or

to encourage someone else too, please do.

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