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  1. Hi guys. I just want to show you some renders done on the BMW X1 (F48). 3d Model by Squir. HDRI/Backplates by me, during a journey between Trentino Alto Adige and Milan. The shots are from 3 locations. Every hdri map is 24Mpxl large. Backplates are 6k large. Rendering done in 3dsmax+Corona 1.7. Post in Luminar/AE. Hope you like. Comments/Critz welcome as always. Bye Raf
  2. Hi guys. As usual here some renders done with Corona render engine + Photoshop for postproduction and corrections. The first 2 shots (the red ones) are non-realistic renderings. i tried to put "studio like" renderings into "real world" scene. The others are usual exterior renderings. Hope you'll like it and crits. Two more:
  3. You are totally right. This was a very fast rendering. My purpose was only to show the HDRI map i made on my own despite of the previous shots where i used a commercial stuff.
  4. Hi again guys. I just want to show one more outdoor shot. This time HDRI map and backplates were made on my own using my personal photographic equipment. The hdri enviroment map was made of 86 single shots at 2EV3 brackets (3 shots every 2 stops) stitched in PTGui. The map is 25076x12538 px large (1,2GB). Enviroment map (without post processing and masking) Corona output If interested, downsized 6000x3000 HDRI map can be downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4kiSafekpvcbk1kR1h6LTk2NTg Bests Raf
  5. Hi guys. The model comes from Squir (uh don't you know https://squir.com/ ?) Hdri/backplate in first image comes from hdrmaps.com (commercial). Lighting setup for studio shots, texturing, rendering in 3dsmax+Corona and post production all from me (obviously). Yesh in outdoor rendering tyre sidewall texturing is missing...my mistake.
  6. Hi guys. Here again to show you my latest work. 3d model: Squir Hdri: hdrmaps.com (outdoor scene). Texturing/Scene setup/Rendering: 3dsmax+Corona BR
  7. Hi again. Just a small update...working on paint and realism in general.
  8. Hi again guys. I post my latest work. Model from Squir. Rendering in Corona 1.5 (3dsmax 2016). Bests.
  9. And finally these two complete the set. Exterior shots.
  10. Some more with some adjustments. More to come... ;)
  11. Yes, you're right. Especially the boxster contains many errors, one of them the rearbumper slab which has no material applied so it's totally black....but if you can tell me what are the things that aren't so good in your opinion it'd be very appreciated. Bests. - - - Połączono posty - - - You're right. In the very first post i wrote "modeling: 3dsmax". in the boxster one i didn't. I usually give credits to works belonging to others..my mistake.
  12. No, this is just an HDRI sky from DOSCH skies pack. The shadowcatcher corona material applied to the backdrop concurs to the final effect by using the backplate as projection (if you use Corona render you'll know how shadowcatcher works ;) )
  13. Just this last. The Cayman was a model of mine except for licence plate and some textures that comes from Assetto Corsa dlc. Sorry i didn't mention about it. Is the boxster a model of yours? Please note that these aren't commercial renderings. I made these just for fun. Have a nice day.
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