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  1. Thanks for replies. Platige and Human Ark have't any Houdini job offers on their sites, so i thought that it's not popular. is great news. Belarusian language is very similar to polish, but for the first time... By the way, what about cg events in Poland? As I understand max3d.pl is the most popular resource to find out all breaking news and job offers.
  2. Hi, everybody. I would like to know if it possible to find a job in Warsaw were Houdini is a part of pipeline, currently. I read a post below about studios that use Houdini, and as I understand there are only 3 companies. Houdini is not single app I use in production, but it’s major and lovely one. Actually, I’m Houdini Generalist from Minsk, Belarus and I think about how to relocate to Poland. Is it real? Are polish employers open to talk with foreign employees, especially from Belarus?
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