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Unity Rendering Developer - oferta pracy

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Cześć wszystkim, do Teamu AR poszukujemy osoby na stanowisko Unity Rendering Developer do projektów realizowanych w różnych projektach bazujących na AR/VR/XR.

Firma: Transition Technologies PSC,

Strona firmowa: www.ttpsc.pl

Pole działania firmy: IT, AR/VR/XR;

Lokalizacja: 100% zdalnie lub/i w jednym z naszych oddziałów (Poznań, Zielona Góra, Kielce, Białystok, Łódź) lub na zasadzie hotdesku! 

Forma zatrudnienia: Pełen etat, na UoP lub B2B; 

Możliwe kierunki rozwoju: Senior Technica Artist, Principal Technical Artist

Tech requirements:
1. Good fundamentals about OpenGL/DirectX/CG graphics programming
2. At least good knowledge and experience in Unity shader programming
3. Good knowledge of Unity programmable rendering pipeline characteristics
4. At least good C# programming skills (other words: 1+ year writing whatever in Unity C#)
Your job:
1. Cooperating with Architect/Tech leads to design best possible and visually stunning effects
2. Creating “wow”, good looking and/or mind-blowing VFX depending on the requirements
3. Writing rendering-related features within specific projects with specific requirements
4. Keeping both CPU and GPU temperature as low as possible, this is not a joke, we are serious
5. Cooperation with 2D artists, 3D artists and other programmers to deliver best quality solutions
6. Sometimes writing non-rendering related features to stay flexible as a programmer
What we offer:
1. Guaranteed possibility to influence the creative flow and design decision about the visual aspects of the project
2. Working on-site in Łódź or remotely if you are capable to maintain good performance
3. Stable form of employment like B2B, UoP
4. Flexible core hours of work
5. Help in skills development besides in-project work

kontakt mailowy:  [email protected] 

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