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Mental Ray + motion blur


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w helpie jest wszystko opisane:


"To render motion blur with the mental ray renderer, you must turn on ray tracing (the Ray Trace parameter) on the Render Scene dialog > Renderer panel > Rendering Algorithms rollout.


The mental ray renderer uses a Shutter parameter to control motion blur. This simulates the shutter speed of a camera. At 0.0, there is no motion blurring. At 1.0, the maximum amount of motion blurring occurs. Values between zero and one adjust the amount of motion blur. The closer to 1.0, the greater the blurring.


You turn on motion blur and adjust shutter speed on the Render Scene Dialog > Renderer panel > Camera Effects rollout.


If you render using shadow maps, then by default mental ray applies motion blur to these as well. See the Render Scene dialog > Renderer panel > Shadows & Displacement rollout.


Tip: Turning on Motion Blur for both cameras and shadows can cause shadows to shift position. To avoid this effect, turn on motion blur for cameras only. "

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+ włączenie w opcjach obiektu Montion Blur: Enabled, typ: Object.

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