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  1. Opel Kapitan 1951 3dsmax, v-ray, HDRi, UVlayout, Photoshop
  2. Ford Fordor Super DeLuxe `47 3dsmax, v-ray, HDRI
  3. FSO Polonez 3dsmax, v-ray, HDRI modelling - Kirill Sidorevich
  4. Trabant 601s 1981 3dsmax, v-ray, HDRI (Berlin)
  5. Jeep Grand Wagoneer 1986 3dsmax, v-ray, HDRI
  6. Warszawa 223 1964 3dsmax, v-ray, HDRI made for illustrations in the magazine 'World Police cars' environments - HDRI [ATTACH=CONFIG]92654[/ATTACH]
  7. praca jest wykonywana dla czasopisma 'Avtolegendy USSR" №105 3dsmax, v-ray, Ph, HDRI [ATTACH=CONFIG]89587[/ATTACH]
  8. praca jest wykonywana dla czasopisma 'Avtolegendy USSR" №104 3dsmax, v-ray, Ph, HDRI [ATTACH=CONFIG]89413[/ATTACH]
  9. IGH-27151 USSR 1978 created for magazin "Autolegends USSR" №103 3dsmax, v-ray, Ph, Environments - HDRI 2 week work [ATTACH=CONFIG]88993[/ATTACH]
  10. unfortunately not enough time to deal with free creativity. A lot of work ... Maybe someday I will do, but later
  11. ErAZ-762B USSR 1976 created for magazin "Autolegens USSR" №102 [ATTACH=CONFIG]88682[/ATTACH]
  12. white cabin - 1985 year red cabin - 1966 year 3dsmax, v-ray, Ph Environments - Evermotion, HDRI created for magazin "Autolegends USSR" magazin page [ATTACH=CONFIG]88562[/ATTACH]
  13. Dziękujemy! Odniesienia wysłany przez klienta.Samochód jest w garażu na Kremlu
  14. "NAMI-1" - the first Soviet production car of its own design 1927-1931 years environment - HDRI made for illustrations in "avtolegendy USSR" number 99 3dsmax, v-ray, Ph, HDRI [ATTACH=CONFIG]88175[/ATTACH] +AMO-F15
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