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  1. Thanks you for supposting CG TaiwanerIn order to provide you with more advanced video tutorials. I made this poll. Please select the must one video tutorial you wish me to make in the future. I will definitely take the poll results into consideration. Thank you!Here are the choises:1. Making of Junichiro Koizumi with Shusaku and Vidiator Facestation2. Making of 12 different hair styles for female/male with Hair&Fur in 3ds max 73. Flood scene by using RealFlow4. Making of complex crowd scene (battle) by using AI Implant plugin5. Create realistic explosion with FumeFX6. Polygon modeling a carClick HERE to Poll
  2. This video tutorial I use a image-based modeling software: 3dsom Pro to make Taiwan bell fruit. By using 3dsom Pro, you can create 3d model/texture of bell fruit by taking about 20 number of photos of the bell fruit. After generate model/texture in 3dsom Pro, I export to 3ds max 7 and apply Finalrender Wet material, set up three point lights and render with Finalrender stage-1. click here
  3. You're welcome. Yea, I wish I can make it better in the future...
  4. Hi all: In this tutorial you will learn how to use Facegen modeller to make Lee Teng-hui. Then, import the model in 3ds max, create realistic skin material for Mr. Lee with Finalrender skin material. Finally, you will learn how to create hair for Mr. Lee by using Hair&Fur function in 3ds max 7.5. click here
  5. In this video tutorial you will learn how to model a cheese cake with default 3ds max modeling tool, no plugin required. For the strawberry cake, I modify the cheese cake I made and put a strawberry on the top. I also put cream on the top. No plugin is required to make this model. After modeling, I render the scene with Finalrender. Cheese Cake tutorial click HERE Strawberry Cake tutorial click HER
  6. maybe you can try this: Making of Ferrero Rocher (chocolate) video 1 of 3 Making of Ferrero Rocher (chocolate) video 2 of 3 Making of Ferrero Rocher (chocolate) video 3 of 3
  7. In this tutorial you will learn how to model Ferrero Rocher with default 3ds max NURBS function, no plugin required to model it! The tinfoil were simulate by using Reactor cloth. click HERE
  8. Yes, I agree. The npower NURBS is buggy. I will write a tip/trick for using npower NURBS plugin. I have find ways to avoid crashing and error when usiing it.
  9. Stills Animated This video tutors demo you how to model a PHS mobile phone, advanced NURBS modeling. Please note you need npower Power NURBS plugin to make this model. After modeling with NURBS method, I convert it to mesh and apply finalrender material to it and render with HDRI background/lighting. click HERE
  10. This video tutors demo you how to model a modern tap, advaned NURBS modeling. After modeling, you will learn how to make material for the tap by using finalrender metal material and render with HDRI lighting. Please note you need npower Power NURBS plugin to make this model. click HERE
  11. In this video tutorial you will learn how to model a hair dryer with NURBS modeling method. click HERE
  12. This is my channel on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=hammerbchen You can find more tutors on my channel.
  13. From basic to advanced NURBS modeling. 01 volute pump 02 hook 03 turbine 04 bottle of laundry detergent 05 PET bottle 06 Tap
  14. This video tutorial demo you how to fake a bath foam with cellular map. I can not find any tutorial for making foams so I decided to make one. If you know any better way to make foams, please e-mail me. tutorial CLICK HERE ***************************** [tutor]Sea cucumber-like skin texture This video tutor I demo you to make texture for this sea cucumber-like worm. You can apply this material to turtle or any other biological skin if you like. tutorial CLICK HERE ***************************** [tutor]lights in a spaghetti restaurant I recrete a photo I took in a spaghetti restaurant in Taipei. This is quiet simple scene both modeling and lighting, but need some tweak for position/brightness of those lights. tutorial CLICK HERE
  15. Hi all: This video tutor I demo you how to make sparkler writing in 3ds max with Particle Flow and Trail 3.0 plugin. Tutorial click HERE Added by hindus - Hosting on others servers not allowed.
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