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Array, Spacing?


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mam już odpowiedziedzi, piszę je bo może komuś będą pomocne.


To space out a selection of multiple objects evenly, assuming the boxes are all the same width, use this expression in the translation input


L(start position, end position + spacing)


End position = width of cube * selection count - 1


So, five default cubes evening distributed with one unit spacing on the X axis would be:


L(0, 32 + 4)


Another option, when duplicating, using the duplicate multiple options, then enter a value under the "Transfrom" tab for spacing or tapering the scale.





If you need radial or square arrays, look under NetView, in Modeling, for the Array script. Select your object, run the script.

If you need an array along a curved path, draw your curve. Then constrain the motion of the object to the curve path. Keyframe the motion from 0-100% of the path, then Duplicate From Animation to create the copies (use Step to determine how many copies you get). This is basically the same thing as Snapshot instancing in 3dsmax.

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