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Test : Studio light setup


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Hi, My name is Yanko and I'm from Bulgaria. I've recently came incidentally to this forum and really like it a lot, I use google translator from polish - english so I don't mind if your replies are in polish. So enough about that I'm trying to set up a studio setup for a product (e.g. lamp- chrome,glass,anodized aluminium), and I want to improve it.


So any advice will be in help.


Here is the progress so far:

For the setup I use 2 diffuse light sources (translucent plane in front of the V-ray) one behind the camera and one at direction 90°-left from the first + 1 invisible back light also Vray.



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Yes I agree with You, the inner side - the reflector of the lamp is pretty hard to adjust also the model isn't 100% accurate to the original one.

Also the noise should be reduced in this area but may be the samples are not enough.


I've missed something on the first posting, the thumbnail of the thread what should i do?



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Sorry about the thumbnail, but it seems that I can edit only the text.


Master Kiełbaster: the chrome is pretty simple 100% reflection with IOR - 16 fresnel, does the glossy parts any significant role in this case ? - I'll try it thanks.


Also i guess that the environment should be with some white tones to the visible reflections, now the side parts of the luminaries are pure black, I'm looking at some studio pictures in google they put white sheets around the objects to receive side reflections I guess.

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to Ty znasz angielski? a wyglądałeś mi na porządnego człowieka...



Szoł ju reference fusion ;P


Jak masz jakis problem to zapraszam na Pm`a, chetnie przedyskutuje to i owo... a nie zasmiecasz innym watkow !

Nie pozdrawiam :)

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