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Maya SoUP new release 2013-07-07 (nowe nody)

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Alex Smolenchuk contributed two very powerful nodes:



Copy-stamp mesh geometry to point clouds (particles, voxels, mesh vertices, scattered points, etc). Combined mesh geometry can inherit multiple properties from the original objects.



Similar to the scatter node (in surface mode), but also have a powerful relax function that allows us to make the scattered points uniformly distributed.


My job with these two was easy - few minor touch-ups here and there, integration into the main build, AE templates and builds on the 3 OS platforms.



Very fast, multithreaded and memory efficient blend shape deformer that can operate on very dense meshes and handle thousands of targets with ease. There is a UI supplied that simplifies and streamlines the process of managing blend shape data. Take a look and let me know if you have any questions. There is a help and api documentation included



Command that does (fast) everything one needs for blend shape work - calculate deltas and invert shapes in various different ways, return data as point array or create new shapes, etc.

Type deltas in the script edtor for help, or click on the deltas item under the wrench shelf button.

Morph, Deltas (and few other related things) have been part of the SOuP plugin for quite some time and those who noticed have been using them successfully in production already.

These two tools provide the base building blocks for something i have been planning for quite a while. I spent extra time to make sure they will be up to the task - forming solid, flexible and scalable base to build on top. I will not elaborate more at this point but if things go well the next few SOuP versions will be focused mainly on deformations.




vertexConstraint have been updated for performance. Added is "rotations" switch that turns on/off the computation of rotation matrices. The output data is split now between two separate attributes which makes the updated node incompatible with existing scenes.




Many minor bug fixes and updates all around.

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