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Platige Image Cloth Simulation Artist

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Platige Image is an award winning animation studio for creative endeavors specializing in designing CG imagery, 3D animacion, and digital special effects. At Platige, we combine film and advertising work with a strong passion for art, education, and entertainment.


ClothSimulation Artist



Platige Image Cinematics Team is seeking cloth simulation artists who are talented with cloth simulation setups creation for hi-end 3d assets. Candidates need a varied skill level and understanding across the areas of cloth simulation, character rigging and animation using Maya and internal software. Experience in 3D hair creation, grooming and simulation as secondary role is also welcome. We are currently seeking simulation artist for upcoming game cinematics projects at our Warsaw, Poland studio.




- Knowledge of Maya nCloth

- Experience working with some type of dynamic simulations (cloth, hairs, fur)

- Good problem-solving abilities both visual and technical

- Proven production experience in similar role

- Able to collaborate professionally with colleagues

- Good oral and written Polish, English or French language communication skills



- Ideal candidate has experience in a feature film or game cinematics production environment as Character FX Artist working in Maya

- Basic knowledge of Marvelous Designer

- Experience in hair tools (Yeti, Maya Hair, Shave and Haircut)

- Experience in other cloth simulation software (Syflex, Qualoth, Houdini) and ability to learn fast is also welcome

- Experience as FX TD and ability to learn fast is also welcome

- Previous working experience in character rigging or animation department

- Basic proficiency in scripting, preferably Python in Maya


Please include CV and reel in your application at:


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