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  1. Cześć! Firma: Transition Technologies PSC, Strona firmowa: www.ttpsc.pl Pole działania firmy: IT, AR/VR/XR; Lokalizacja: 100% zdalnie lub w jednym z naszych oddziałów (Poznań, Zielona Góra, Kielce, Białystok, Łódź); Forma zatrudnienia: Pełen etat, na UoP lub B2B; Stanowisko: 2D Artist; Obowiązki: Creating visually stunning texture sets for specific materials properties and pipelines; Estimation of work and time scope needed to prepare materials for specific objects; Analysis of functional requirements of the environment to decide how to prepare materials; Working with Solution Architects, other 2D artists, designers to create storyboarding materials for UI/UX; Cooperation with 2D artists, 3D artists and tech artists to prepare the most suiting 3d data and visual effects materials; Merging all skills and creating unique workflows to create stunning 2D materials for different types of work. Wymagania: Good fundamentals about overall 3D environment real-time objects creation pipeline; Good knowledge about materials preparation in both PBR and non-PBR pipelines; Advanced skills in using one or more software instance for raster graphics and vector graphics to create different 2D data, also for UI purposes or visual effects; Good skill in using Substance Painter (or reasonable alternative like Quixel Mixer etc.); Understanding of shader properties to create materials for Tech Artists effects implementation; At least communicative English for both documentation work and chatting; Możliwe kierunki rozwoju: Technical Artist, Team Leader; Kontakt: [email protected] Pozdrawiam.
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