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Wings 0.98.30 is out

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Nowa wersja o tyle ciekawa że jako pierwsza po polsku. Łata też błedy związane z wyświetlaniem polskich czcionek. A oto całe changes.




- New language: Czech. Thanks to Libor Divis.

- New language: Polish. Thanks to A. Giniewicz (Giniu),
M. Napiontek, and K. Giniewicz.

- New fonts that include Latin-1, Latin-2, and Cyrillic characters.
If someone is interested it would now be possible to translate Wings
to Russian too.

- Yafray: Added the possibility to use a background image as light source in a
Hemilight with a "Enlight" checkbox that excludes the color tag.
(By Raimo.)

- The console window can now handle Unicode (non-utf8) characters.
Also other corrections to handle Unicode characters correctly.
(Problem reported by Giniu.)

AutoUV (by Dan):

- Bug fixes.

- Sphere mapping.

- Camera mapping.

- Stich is now smarter; you'll need to select edges in one chart only.

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