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Animacja REEL FOX3D


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Lubię inspirować i moje znaki, bardzo śmieszne i cartoony stylu.

Ja po prostu poczekać Twoje opinie




hi my name is Diego Duran or FOX3D in others forums world


i`m character animator from Bogota - Colombia southamerica

and I like animate my characters very funny and with cartoony style.

I just wait your opinions


spanish, español:


hola encontre este foro por casualidad y queria compartir y mostrar algo de mi trabajo.


mi nombre es Diego Duran o FOX3D y soy animador de personajes, esa es mi especialidad, me encanta animar con un estilo catoon, soy de Bogota Colombia y me gustaria que me dieran sus opiniones.


de que pais es este foro?



gracias hasta pronto.






REEL 2008



REEL 2007



REEL 2006



REEL 2005




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Welcome! Nice animations especially promotion of Samsung and ducktoy character (Reel 2008). I see You have huge experience in animation and I think that You should make more photo-realistic works like girl and man from Reel 2008 (beatiful workmanship). Great job!

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Great reels, I prefer your 2d animations over 3d, they're just awesome! As for a 3d, some moments look a bit neglected, but I assume that they were commercial projects and you had not much time to tweak them. Sometimes I got the impression of "flow" and not enough weight in characters, but nothing really disturbing, just some details. I especially liked the fish animation in 2008 reel, it's really great.


Keep up the good work!





PS. music in your reels is great too!

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Brat kuzyna mojej ciotki


thnaks, I start to animate on 2005 , finding nemo is my favorite movie so Im animator because I like to live in a fantastic world.

in my Country Colombia the industry is single, but here the people make short fimls and tv series, in my personal work I worked in two short films "una de espantos" and "in august" (animamundi 2008 brasil)

In colombia the bussines is the commercials and spots. thanks for your welcome.




thank you, In Colombia the schools about animation it`s not good so I learn alone in my house. now Im animating characters for tv...this is great, I think that the spirit is very important




hey thank you, yeah in my reel 2008 I worked witha character more photo realistic, I have more animations as this, but I like animate cartoony style, but your opinion is very important for me, I hope I can to work more time in another styles of animation!!

the duck is a commercial for babys is made in maya so I animated this in maya. samsung is funny because is not a character, but the objets are live! jeje. this is an spot made in max. the casting with these girls was great!! jeje






thank you for your welcome, in this forum I see greats artist, I like all. but I dont speak your lenguage



thank you. I just start in 2005 was my first commercial.



jaja yes is google, I would like to speak polish.

thank you for your opinion



my friends, if I can to help you in something just tell me!

I have a tutorials and more animations


I have a cuestion...

I made 4 tutorials in spanish I could to send to the administrator of this forum for traduce to polish.


this is for cocacola navidad

coke chritsmas


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