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architecture : an old courtYard

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hey there ;)


nice to meet you from so long distance


as to your project ...


perspective looks a little like from user view ... maby try to incrase FOV a bit ...

textures are nice ... allso this warm feeling of the sky colour ...


as its a scanline render you did it v.good


we are waiting for your other works


and for the thread name you should type : scena 3d : "and your name for the scene"

for architectual projects we have a section called "architektura" so if you want just send Private message to modernator to move your thread there


greets and waiting for next samples of your work ;)




some more C&C ;)


the sky is little to dark to such bright sunlight


maby you should try to move up view to real human eyes position not so lowly


that`s it i think

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thanks Marcin, being the first one to comment on my work.


ok, i donot know polish language so, had trouble. but, as you said, i will pm moderator to move this thread to architecture section.


i will soon post my other works. one thing, where shall i put works rgding cars?

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Welcome the new member!;)


It's a realy good pice of work. Great modelling and texturing. Light makes a very nice atmosphere of a sunny, hot day.

Change the renderer to Vray or Brazil and turn on GI, it should look very realistic! (i think you have used 100% of scanline's abilities)



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hmm maby its a bad place to do this but circumstances are very specific ;)


anything relate from architecture goes to "architectura" section on forum ;)


anything else goes to WIP and Galeria 3d


WIP is for works in progress that you actually building

Galeria 3d is for finished works


now the names for the threads when you posting in thoes last two sections


name of thread should begin like this


Postać 3d - for characters like humans , animals , other immaginated creatures ;)

Pojazd 3d - for the cars and others mechanical units like cars or planes , etc ...

Scena 3d - for 3d scenes like yours up there ;) with compositions , etc ...

Model 3d - for models of something , only models that you whant to show without evoirment or compositions ...


i think its all you should know ...


have fun ...


and some examples of the threads names


Postać 3d - Woman

Pojazd 3d - Audi A3

Scena 3d - house on hill

Model 3d - glass

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thanks a lot. i liked all the comments.


marcin: yes, i will look towards those aspected commented by you.


Salvator: yes, there is some problem wwith the bounced light. i had to use scanline, no other way. but i can try with vray later.


chveti: yes. i will change that.

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Hey Dude nice piece of work,

The modeling is great, the textures appear ok, the rendering needs a bit of tweeking,

overall great design - I must agree though that the right part of the structure needs more light, indeed.

Can't wait to see this rendered with vray.


Best regards

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