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Render Engines Challenge v1

Guest isma

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Fricking awesome dude !,

can't wait to spill my time for free, ahh

I'll give it a try, after all - why not !

hey most of us here do not understand english,

you should post up and add something in Polish if you can,

or ask someone for some help to fix up translation for you.


Now back to monitor radiation and contrast eye burning. gotta love it !

cheers dude !

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ktoś już robi jakieś testy? ja wlasnie renderuje test cieni, chyba pociagne scenke do konca. Oczywiscie MentalRay :)


EDIT: render bez materiałów, FG only, 3x mr_areaOmni




Bede szedł w kierunku fotki 4.jpg


rendering testowy - FG bez photonów (zauważyłem, ze biale sciany uzyskamy tylko z fleshem, na poczatku chcialem oswietlac wyłącznie FG, no ale aby zrobic takie scianki niezbędne będą raczej photony, tak mi się wydaje)

w kazdym oknie mr_areaOmni z identycznymi parametrami (zmienilem mlt. do 0,8 intensywnosc cieni do 0,8, area na 75cm - sphere. zwieksze jeszcze bo sa za ostre)

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wyobraz sobie ze mimo tego, że nie wszyscy mieszkają w Deadmonton, Alberta, to jednak WIEKSZOSC rozumie po angielsku.


Sorry Koziol, but I was referring that simply based on the whining post "Can someone translate the vray help files" most of my friends don't speak english, so hey I did not mean to touch your feelings or step on your big toe but I have not seen a reply to this thread in a day, that's what made me write my paragraph. ehh.

Ease out and relax no harm and nobody gets hurt. (:-) - there is no shame in not knowing english so don't be so defensive.

Deadmonton Rocks !

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Hi Isma - I've allready seen this scene at maxwellrender forum - also allready downloaded it - and made few tests so far - few things are screwed up - like no 3dsmax 7 version file :) anyway modeling and shoots are great.


So far I saw some gret artlantis render - really need to try this engine - looking promising.


Im glad that you post this scene here too.

I will post some more renders soon.


I wish you my best.

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hi to all


I'm sorry

not to have translated in Polish

I hope to translate everything in more languages



I have tried the scene in maxwell-vray-busyray-kerkythea

I hope to make other tests





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