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Autodesck na GDC 2012 - seria prezentacji video


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Na kanale uwielbianego przez userów autodescku znalazła się playlista i pokaźną liczbą prezentacji video które warto zobaczyć. Polecam!




From Plygons to Pixels: Leveraging the Power of Autodesk 3ds Max ...

Behind the Killzone 3 cinematic

Sponsored Session: Gears of War 3: Building a better pipeline

From A+ to AAA: Successful Student Game Development

Sponsored Session: Making of Killzone 3

Enhancing Performance Capture on Ubisoft Far Cry 3 using Autodesk MotionBuilder

Scaleform in Unity

Autodesk Digital Content Creation Workflow

Hyperspace Madness Game

Autodesk Kynapse, Cognition, and Population

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