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The Last of Us FANART - kopfstoff

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sooo, finally i open up my wip thread for my sculpt 3d rendering thingy here too. the forum user "RaVirr" posted his work on deviant art, that's how i found out about this contest and man, am i glad that he did, believe me! thanks again.


it's like a dream come true to get the chance that people who are substantial to the art of the game actually inspect the works we throw in at the end. :) congrats to the max3d team for pulling this up and thanks for creating this contest!


first of all, please excuse that i will write everything in english! i am from germany and I do not have sufficient command of the polish language... that's why google translater is always beside me, when i am visting these forums. ;)


i always wanted to create fan art for the game because the last of us is currently my all-time-favorite! seriously, i already finished the game 3 times and i am curently on my 4th run... i was quite disappointed to have missed the official contest (that fireflies thing) a few months ago and was happy to get the chance to take part in another fan art contest related to the last of us, hosted by "itsartmag" a few weeks ago. but sadly i didn't manage to find myself on the winner's podium at the end. maybe you're interested in the stuff i did back then, i'll post the contest-entry under this text. just to make this clear, i won't chip this in as an entry for max3d, it's just for sharing.


"A New Daddy":


(at the time i finished this piece, I didn’t know anything about the game except for how the world from “The Last of Us” works and I watched the intro sequence on youtube. For wip shots, detail shots and more information you can visit my blog)







since i contributed a 2D image for that "itsartmag" contest, i thought it's a good chance to get better in 3D for this one. the "a new daddy" piece was kinda too abstract i think and could have been more related to the main characters (i think it would have been better if i had already played the game before doing this image). anyways... :) i am doing a 3D sculpt of joel and this will be my second ZBrush bust ever, so it is really time consuming for me. i did another bust before, and two or three models for a mod, but i am really new to 3d and learn a lot while doing this one. a lot of trial and error, going back and forth etc.. since i only own zbrush i am going to render it in zbrush too, maybe some final photoshop tweaks at the end, have to see how things turn out later on.


I started with this sculpt about two weeks ago, almost exactly after i finished the other piece. here are some milestones till where i am now:






i want him to be not exactly like the in-game model, a bit more old and a bit more jaded maybe. but likeness should be present of course! ;) all wrinkles and dermal-details are hand-drawn, eyelashes and eyebrows fibermeshes (first time usage). now for the updated version (yes, he'll get hair and beard no worries! :D):






i hope you guys like it so far, i will post progress when i have the time, for today i am glad that the transpose master thing worked - i used it for the first time, kinda tricky but so awesome... :D

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thank you, pumax! glad you like it. :o well, i hope i can start on the hair in the next days. time is running out! :(


but i am making (some slow) progress... took me ages to finally get the eyes right. such a struggle to build these materials, transparent material isn't that easy to handle. the waterline on the eye rim could be better, but for now i am satisfied.


new eyes (straight zbrush render images, no edits):





...and some early beard testing (still heavy wip!):



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hey tr3buh! thank you, glad you like it so far - really appreciate your comment! yeah i totally agree on the drawing/scultping thing... but it's also because of the program structure and workflow of zbrush i think: i once tryed to model something in maya some years ago and it was a real struggle for me... all that math (i am very bad at maths!), logical, theoretical, charts with lots of numbers, all that boring grey of the software overlay itself... zbrush just gives you some digital clay to shape and that's about it. :D that's what i like mostly about it, its very intuitive and close to the real scultping thing i think.


to answer your question: i just had a look when i saved the first file... it's about a month since i have started on him, i had to make a break for about one week since then, and one or two weekends where i did not have the time to touch the bust. as it is all done in my freetime it's hard to give you exact hours... but a lot of work went into it, especially since i am doing a lot of stuff for the first time with this project.


long away from beeing finished and time is running out! :/ i am so happy when i finally save the last file and post it here, believe me. :D


i think i'll post an update tomorrow or the day after, haven't got lot of time at the weekend to work on it. :)

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thanks mats! glad you like it so far. :)


hey pumax, thank you too! haha, almost correct... in german it would be "sein haar sieht brilliant aus" or "sein haar ist brilliant", but it should be hard to misread your kind comment! :D


sooooo... today i redid the whole hair, since i actually liked that "shockheaded" look, but honestly it's not really close to the hair of joel. even if i do not want to copy his looks exactly, i think it's necessary to get the hair very similar to the original design since likeness stands and falls with the hairstyle. besides, the hair i did earlier wasn't really good arranged - unfortunately. i masked out different spaces on the head but with that, i had to adjust the hair amount everytime, since the masked spots i created did not have the exact same size. plus some of the tools i created this way wasn't editable anymore - i somehow destroyed the possibility to pose the hair with the fibermesh brushes :/. aaanyways, long story short it HAD to be redone in order to go on and is much more organized now, since i used "polygroups" for the first time. it's a great way to pose the hair.


cost me a lot of time again, but i think now i am ready to go on. :)


wip's ->





and the curent status again:






edit: changed some minor details at the frontal hairs directly above his forehead. i replaced the images above but so that you can see the difference i made a little gif. i wanted to achieve more of that "strains of hair" look joel has. thats closer again i think. :)



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hey pumax, thank you too! haha, almost correct... in german it would be "sein haar sieht brilliant aus" or "sein haar ist brilliant", but it should be hard to misread your kind comment! :D


Damn! I was so close to correct translation :D

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haha, yeah true, very close! but don't worry, in germany we have a phrase which is: "deutsche sprache schwere sprache." - that means that the grammar of the german language is really hard to understand... even for german folks. ;)


another wip... reworked the eyes again, mainly the size and angle. a friend told me yesterday that they are to big. in my opinion the big eyes suits him (small children pattern = cutness :D), but it missed that cunning feature there i think. now its closer again. :P




oh man, this evening is a party where i have to go to... only tomorrow left. i think i'll keep it like this now, until i see major problems when i come back and start texturing tomorrow...

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so here are the last wip steps i saved... time was running out so quickly today, i am really dissatisfied with the fact that i couldn't finish the sculpt how i intended it to look like. i did not have the time to add seams and buttons for the shirt, and i really underestimated how time consuming the shirt would be... there is no textur at all now and most of all i am sad about not getting the light setup i planed to have for him. i just had no time to get into the render settings of zbrush today :/ anyways, i really hope my entry still counts since i make it before 23:59:59 with saving, uploading and posting in the "finals" thread, but i had to post it the way it is... i am really crossing fingers now!


i spent most of the time today with finishing the main shape of the face, since just adjusting the eyes left the other parts too long/big, i only noticed this fact after i changed the eyes and reopned the project this morning. i just realized that it is still a big construction area and that the likeness could be pushed more by going back into the basic shape.


after i was pleased with that, i added really small details above the first "skin" i already created with the help of textures some days ago. i added wrinkles, scars, pores and spots to the face all by hand (no textures used here). i dont think that you can see all those small things in the final image, so i post a zoom pic of it beneath too (second image: i love that scar on the nose :o).


i hope that i can finish him tomorrow the way i wanted him to look like and i will post him again in this wip thread, even if it's not my entry for the contest - i OWE it to joel! :p









contest entry:



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as i've promised i am going to finish joel... :)


haven't got the time to go on with the sculpt until today, so here are some new wip shots and and also some old ones i forgot to share (adding first details to the shirt, just before the deadline)... today i created my first insert-brush (did a lowpoly stick for that in zbrush) to build up the seams. this acutally took me a while, since my computer isn't that strong with only 4 gig ram and the polycount is getting really high now. because of this bust my pc is taking a lot of punishment lately - crashes and freezes inclusive. :/ well, adding colours shouldn't be that more exprensive performance wise... so i'll hope the next updates will be colourful. ;)





curent status: i like the small hole inside the shirt... :D



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thank you rotcore! i really appreciate your comment, especially that you think that i am experienced in 3d! i am learning so much new stuff in the last few weeks, my head feels like it's going to blow in a few minutes. :D


so, heres some very early bpr render test, composed in photoshop (no overpaints!) ->




the skin texture is polypainted inside zbrush without using any photos or other textures. the render is without hair and dramatic lighting, just so that it's not too much to handle for me for the first time. tomorrow i am going to texture the cloth and hope that i can finish it and render it again... everything this time. ;)


hope you like!


(ps: i am going to post some steps then too. i am just too tired right now! just wanted to share that outcome immediately ;))

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@Rotcore: thanks for the info! yeah, i think i will start a new thread in the 3d subforum then and link to this one.


@Adek: hey adek, of course i know that the deadline is over, i just thought i'll use this wip thread to show how i continue with the sculpt. but you are right! i should start a new thread in the 3d forum - it would be kind if you could keep this thread as it is, since it's the wip thread for the contest entry and should be listed here too i think. i will stop posting progress in here and post a link to the 3d thread, so that people from the 2d corner who are interested could go on follow the progress.


thanks for the reminder and information guys, i will update this posting with the link once i've started the new thread! :)



there you go (new thread):




from now on i'll post updates in this thread.

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