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  1. congrats to all the winners and "runner up's", honor to whom honor is due :) awesome to actually read some feedback of the creators and finally have a result! and thanks to max3d.pl for starting this awesome contest! was a blast! "i dzięki max3d.pl rozpoczęcia ten wspaniały konkurs! było super!"
  2. hey xmass! thank you man, glad you like it - i love that scar on the nose too, that's why i put a lot of effort into it ^^ i played around with the fill light and liked it more subtle at the end, with the focus is more on the left and the forms are more vague on the right side. it's hard sometimes to not care about showing every feature in the render image, but i think it is good to zero in on what's actually important for the image / the message you want to deliver. i hope you understand me correctly. :D anyway. new ones... b&w version one light, colour version two lights (sss, spec, diff, shadow passes composed in ps). hope you like.
  3. wohaa, wwwoj - phantastic works! i just found out about this thread... did you also make the layers for the 2d animation in-game? the comic sequences? sorry if that question came up before, i hope you don't mind if i won't translate 4 pages. :D that there are so many artists from the gaming industry part of this forum is just incredible! thanks for sharing these, dude! :)
  4. great sculpts! i love the interpretation of the "fantasy shaman", i saved the image of that original bust a few weeks ago, since it is an awesome reference indeed! :) i really like the third bust (that vampire creature) and the old monk too. one question: is the sss in the ears of the first one real or a texture fake? (with small veins too) - eitherway, looks good! :)
  5. thank you tr3buh! :> glad you like it that much! i must confess that i am very satisfied with this one too. ;)
  6. hey sebazx6r, you're right i think. the darker one needs most of all more background integration. the dayshot works great because of that i think. maybe i should give him some white backlight from the window and paint some godrays in later on, thanks for the ideas! what a hustle to just render out - i thought the sculpting and texturing would be the hardest part... :) maybe i can enhance that one with some small edits then, but for now... a new render! :D wanted to play around with another perspective and mood. hope you like this one! (finally i know how to change the resolution in zbrush) i LOVE the red sss ears ;) i also like the b&w version of it, fits the original render artworks of the game imho:
  7. thank you, sebazx6r! :D i edited the renderer in the dark room again... adjusted the focus areas again and now it looks more like sweat too i think. ;)
  8. hey xmass, you're welcome and thank you too. :) for the last shot i wanted to have him a bit glossy / sweaty, but it's still hard for me to find the right settings for a realistic look. and yeah, you're right... it makes no sense that the specularity isn't effected by the dirt on his skin! since i dont use a specular map (i am using zbrush only for rendering, and there are only diffuse-, bump- and displacement maps i think), i have to edit it later on in photoshop... i edit the material shader to get specularity. another night, another renderer. ;) for the skin i am getting where i want i think. also the lighting, i kinda know now what to do here, but the hair is still a bit strange to render. it's fibermesh and material "hair 2" - why isn't the specularity of the hair effected by my lightsources? it's not a matcap (baked in light) i thought?! any good material tips for hair?
  9. @ania: hey there, thanks! yeah, you're right about the specs and the "chromatic aberration"... i made the mistake and tryed to push the lightsource on his cheeks only with the specularity of it. after i changed the colours i felt like it's actually frosty wet and cold... that's why i sayed "winter". ;) for the "chromatic aberration": i just found out about how to do that, that's why i wanted to show it in this test :D i've seen it so often in artworks in the last months but never knew how its actually made, so yeah - totally true about that it's way to heavy here! i still have a lot to learn, but compared to the knowledge i've had two weeks ago i think i can improve here. :D @kamil.ochel: thank you too! i think i dont understand exactly what you mean.. do you think that the heavy specularity actually makes it look like a real human beeing or a photo of a real life sculpture? i think you mean real life sculpture, since i believe tr3buh is right about the missing sss and "dead look" here. ;) @tr3buh: hey dude, thanks for the links, man! appreciated! i use a good sss material with some shaders to play around with and i already tryed some sss settings, but didn't set the renderer for the "winter" image above. you're totally right about that it doesn't look like flesh because of the missing sss here... i just wanted to test lighting with this one and will go on with sss from now on. adds so much realism! wow, that second link! his alien render image looks so awesome! :O really great stuff, thanks for sharing! i did another bpr render tonight: sss, ao, shadow, spec, diffuse, ambient, depth, mask... i like the result, even if it's the basic light again. small steps, small steps. ;) painted some dirt on the skin (standard brush rgb in combination with masking brushm two browns and one red), since he looked way to "clean" and new, especially beside that apocalypse shirt he wears - much better now i think. :D
  10. a bit more fooling around, i think i start to understand lighting in zbrush... this is just a fast test, rendered out 3 lights and composed them in photoshop. it's a long road. :/ winter joel ;) : ps: found out why my materials wasn't black when turning the lights out... ambience and diffuse has to be "0" in the material settings.
  11. hey there guys, i took part in the "the last of us fan art contest" hosted by max3d.pl and my entry was a sculpt of joel. since i did not manage to finish the textures and some detail, i decided to continue with the bust and keep on learning 3d (i am kinda new to all of this stuff). i don't want to repeat myself, that's why i post a link to the old contest WIP thread beneath this text, so that you can dive into the past and see how everything has started. ;) please feel free to give feedback, i would love to read some comments! old thread: http://max3d.pl/forum/showthread.php?t=90179 last step was my first try composing in photoshop... bald head, no hair, since the material behaves kinda strange sometimes ;) -> new wip steps: current status (straight bpr, no edits or composing!): if you guys have any good lighting tutorials or tips for setting up light for portraits in zbrush, PLEASE share them! i only own zbrush, so i can just work with that. i could go with the simple light setup shown above in the composition and the unedited bpr shots above, but i wanted to have something like that maybe: 1) http://www.thesoftboxstudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/JCW_1526-COLOR-1000x1250.jpg 2) http://th05.deviantart.net/fs71/200H/i/2013/208/0/b/dramatic_portrait_number_12_by_cable9tuba-d6fhcdc.jpg 3) http://www.edwardshaw.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/dramatic-photo-birmingham-studio-portrait-14365sm.jpg i think it's kinda hard to adjust lights in zbrush, since you have no light in a 3 dimensional space, but that mat-ball and a dot to move... plus: does any one know why i still can see details if i turn off all lights inside zbrush? shouldn't it be black then? :/
  12. @Rotcore: thanks for the info! yeah, i think i will start a new thread in the 3d subforum then and link to this one. @Adek: hey adek, of course i know that the deadline is over, i just thought i'll use this wip thread to show how i continue with the sculpt. but you are right! i should start a new thread in the 3d forum - it would be kind if you could keep this thread as it is, since it's the wip thread for the contest entry and should be listed here too i think. i will stop posting progress in here and post a link to the 3d thread, so that people from the 2d corner who are interested could go on follow the progress. thanks for the reminder and information guys, i will update this posting with the link once i've started the new thread! :) there you go (new thread): http://max3d.pl/forum/showthread.php?t=90369 from now on i'll post updates in this thread.
  13. thank you rotcore! i really appreciate your comment, especially that you think that i am experienced in 3d! i am learning so much new stuff in the last few weeks, my head feels like it's going to blow in a few minutes. :D so, heres some very early bpr render test, composed in photoshop (no overpaints!) -> the skin texture is polypainted inside zbrush without using any photos or other textures. the render is without hair and dramatic lighting, just so that it's not too much to handle for me for the first time. tomorrow i am going to texture the cloth and hope that i can finish it and render it again... everything this time. ;) hope you like! (ps: i am going to post some steps then too. i am just too tired right now! just wanted to share that outcome immediately ;))
  14. some small updates again. did the eyes yesterday night... no spotlight, projection or textures used - only polypaint. a bit of decomposing ;)... current status (at least some colour ;)):
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