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[Teczka 2D] JakkaS [Update ::: strona 17 ::: 30.05.07]


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Założyłem nowy temat w którym będę zamieszczał moje prace. Pomyślałem, że lepiej wrzucać wszystkie prace w jeden wątek, żeby nie robić bałaganu. Komentarze i krytyki mile widziane.




Na początek kilka konceptów różnych monstrów - w tym się lepiej czuję.

Sorry, że tekst po angielsku ale rysunki powstały z myślą o anglojęzycznym forum.


[Wszystkie teksty i rysunki są mojego autorstwa.....jedynie wersje angielskie z mojego-angielskiego na prawie-angielski poprawiał mój przyjaciel]




Small, Medium, Big - 3 Species Helping Each Other To Survive


Large creature – Seelan

These big animals spend their whole life in the clouds. They born and die there. Their organisms can produce Helinium - this element is lighter than air, so they can just hang in the air without moving. Seelans are predators, but when they grow up, they are too big to hunt for birds or other flying organisms. They are just to slow for that. Luckily, when they are getting bigger, they look for some kind of "guests". Old Seelans usually have many organisms living on their body. Frequently these are K'rats and Wozits. They help big creatures to survive in the clouds getting in return a private "island" to live.

[Place to live]


Medium creature – K'rat aka “Long Neck"

These strange organisms are some kind of parasites. They can be found on big, old Seelans usually attached on their neck. They feed on remains of the big creature' food in exchange for assistance in hunting. They have many eyes to watch the sky, and their saliva can glow with intensive light that lure other flying creatures.



Small creature – Wozit

These insects are like private fighter squadron. Maybe they are small, but they have very toxic venom in their stings. They can easily kill if it's necessary. Thanks to Seelans they have place to live, so they protect their big living home. They make small nests in the ossified part of the Seelan's skin [usually on the giants' neck]. They fly in around their home looking for threat and also other small organism that are their food.







[Mały ukłon w stronę twórców świata "Gwiezdnych Wojen"]


"Not only eyes trust you must, weakness of the rest of your senses will appear then"

Master Yoda - Jedi Academy

Blind Hunter



In spite of these creatures blindness, they belong to the best hunting spicies on the desert. Their ears have four aural ventricles and huge membranes that let them sense particular noise in surrounding. It allows them to hear a small creature from a long distance. The highly-developed brain is also very helpful, it can separate a sound that belongs to the prey and tracks it. Fin-like outgrowth helps the hunter to keep the correct body temperature and to steer while in running. When Blishnak is on the prey's trail it has no chance to escape. The only way to run away from the Blishnak is to not making any noise. On the desert there is only one creatre that can do that - the Katonian Sand Rat. This creature is able to stop the heart beating and to become for few second completely invisible (for the blind hunter). However, the rest of the Tatooin's desert dwellers have to be watchful.


Jabba the Hutt has two tamed blind hunters that he uses for hunting and chasing betrayers. As Jabba usually says: "OK, you can go now. I promise you, nobody will keep you under observation. If the desert don't kill you, you are free". Of course, after a while he usually releases his blind pets. It is said that no one escaped the Blishnaks.










Mages from Kalimshtag Archipelago created these creatures for spying. These small creatures are very intelligent. Their brain is very big and they easily learn new things. They know few languages used on the Archipelago, so they can understand almost all races living in this part of the world. At the beginning they were used to spying other mages and nobles for their secrets, like magic formulas or in formations which can be use to blackmail. They were bounded with their creators, so they have to obey them. However, they finally discovered they way to freedom. At last they were created to get other people secrets. When they become free their started to serve for money or other valuable things [Nobody know why, because they never bought anything].


Why there are so good spy? Because they can become invisible. They skin has many bubbles. These bubbles are full of “living silver”. This liquid metal can grow up. When the bubbles are big enough they cover whole creature. They surface of this silver bubble looks like mirror and it can reflect the surrounding. The bubbles on the back show this what reflect on the bubbles on the Peeper’s face and vice versa. This process is very quick but sometimes [rarely] when the creature is not well concentrated they become almost visible, because image on the silver surface looks like image on the broken mirror. When catch on spying they can use sound waves to stunted the person that notice their present.




Prace nie sa moimi ulubionymi ani szczególnie pogardzanymi...ot trzy z klikunastu rysunków, które reprezentują już moim zdaniem w miare przyzwoity poziom.


Miłego ogldania i krytykowania.



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Guest Caspik

kurde jak dla mnie bomba :D szczegolnie NOSEEUM

„PEEPER”. ..ten dinozaurus tez wyglada niezle...ale enviro jest takie troche niezbyt realistyczne ;) chodzi mi tu glownie o ta erozje gruntu ;p

9/10 pkt za swietny pomysl i ekstra wykonanie ;)


ps, taki zastoj na forum ze pierwszy jestem :D hehe

gratulejszon ;)


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Hey, dzieki wam WIELKIE.

Co do uwag krytycznych to w pelni sie zgadzam. Niestety braki anatomiczne i techniczne mnie dopadaja i nie udaje mi sie zrealizowac moich zamierzen. No ale moze za jakis czas... hehe


Mysle, ze przynajmniej raz w tygodniu bede cos wrzucal.

Jesli chodzi o teksty to raczej nie bede wrzucal w jezyku polskim - lenistwo i bark czasu, sorry. Moze za jakis czas, nic nie obiecuje.


@Tiger1313 - no daleko mi do twojego poziomu wiec tym bardziej dzieki za dobre slowo. BTW, widzialem twoje prace na CGTalku... milo wiedziec, ze polacy tez potrafia :D




Ok, klika nowych/starych rzeczy.

Milego ogladania.






PROJECT NUMER: 2446-90/2









----[MORE INFO]----





After two years of researching, we have some successes. Our creature is in final stage of creating. We almost solved all problems, which we have come across during of work. The last thing, that is not acceptable by our supervising officer, General Soul Weaver, is speed of our creation, but we working on this. We also made few upgrades to make Sarash more predictable and easy to control…



After combining genetic and computer technologies, we have made Sarash able to find even small creatures from 5-10 kilometers and seeing them from 50-100 meters day and night.

SMELL DETECTOR – After genetic manipulation and adding small prototype of microcomputer [sNV-M-CHIP-ZTH2008/BETA], we have made our creature able to recording all what they smell ever. They can record every smell from their environment. Therefore, when they smell some animal, they will never lose the track. – We have connected Smell sensor to the driver. He can see the surrounding in “smell spectrum”.

UPGADET EYES: Natural ability of snake-like creatures are the skill of infra vision. We upgraded this ability and connected to the driver that he can see as good as his creature.



TONGUE [genetic material and samples taken form Kanaka’s Lizard – small lizard with over 2 meters long tongue]- after genetic manipulation we have add a few meters tongue to our creation. Salash can catch creatures form 5-7 meters. We also add some paralyzing toxin into Salash’s saliva.


We added possibility to create and spread of the pheromones of all cataloged and examined animals form this planet – We can easy update the database of smells. [--- 77% of examined animals have fallowed the pheromones smell ---]



We have added few chambers for carrying catched creatures. These chambers are made form organic-plastic called ORGAPLAST. [because of this modification, we had move stomach and other organs to the front of the creature. There were problems with digest.] When Salash is carrying an animal, he produces paralyzing gas, to make the animal unconscious.



Genetic modification of Salash’s skull gave as a place where we have plugged the saddle.



WE have add some upgrades to make the bones ad skin more resistant. We have build up this parts with ORGAPLAST.



This material is phenomenal!!! You can program it, and plug it to the salash’s embryo. The material will grow up and evolve with the subject.



----[MORE INFO]----







Mortaris - Seeds of Orpheus


Fragments of description from Aristu's Guide Book of Lower Levels of Hell.

"... This creature can give u a hope or you can curse it... "

"...I think this beast escaped from some kind of astral plane or maybe straight from hell. This is definitely a predator, but it does not eat flash or bones. This monster feeds on human's life energy. It can suck whole life from the victim, but it takes a lot of time. How does it make that? First, I want to say it's very disgusting image. The beast falls down on the chest of the human. Then it injects a drug into victim's body, straight into human's mouth. Drug is working very fast and the body and mind go into some kind of coma. But,... and this is the most interesting part..., when human is in coma, Mortaris opens a portal. This portal has connection to the astral plane, sometimes it is hell, but sometimes it is heaven. When the portal is opened, human's soul must go into it. When the soul's journey begins, beast can start to drain the victim's life energy. When the human is in the astral plane, he can talk to dead souls, angels or devils. Therefore, this journey can be very pleasant but also can break your spirit. Of course it doesn't matter, because usually, after a few hours, Mortaris can suck out all humans energy, and the body and mind dies..."

"... I have read some information about a some dark sect, were using these creatures in the "Seeds of

Orpheus" rituals. Their priests can go across the portal to hell and then return. Sometimes they die. They just cannot or don't want to come back. They say the only thing you have to do, when you are connected, is to remember that you WANT TO GO BACK, to your material plane..."

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Dzieki serdeczne za wszystkie dobre slowa. Mam nadzieje, ze niedlugo bede mial wiecej wolnego czasu i zaczne odplacac tym samym. Na razie jestem w polowie "speed-paintingowych" prac i to co niektorzy tam wyprawiaja to przechodzi ludzkie pojecie. Nigdy nie potrafilem nic sensownego poskladac z kliku kresek, wiec tym bardziej prace robia wrazenie.


Ok, lece z kolejna aktualizajca. Dwie prace starsza i nowsza. Milego ogldania. Krytyczne uwagi jak zwykle mile widziane.





Ps. Czy ktos wie dlaczego kurtka nie moge sobie dodac takie fajnego obrazka jak wszyscy maja przy swoich tematach? Probowalem dodac za pomoca tego narzedzia z opcji zaawansowanej edycji ale mam ciagle bledy mimo ze pliki sa dobrych rozmiarow :/. Jakies sugestie?






PROJEKT NUMBER: 2449-78/1a







----[MORE INFO]----



SHORT SUMMARY: Our project is successfully finished. We have used a critter called by natives "Kayakas". This blind creature, that can sense electricity, lives under the planet surface. It uses this ability mainly to track down others of its kind. We have discovered that GSD [Giant Suicide Digger] can sense strong source of electric field from over 50 kilometers...


"Kayakas" AKA "Digit" have very interesting way of procreation. Speciman of this kind looks for strong electricity fields that's generated by "Kayakas'" females ready to procreation. Rest of living organism generates much smaller electric fields, that also can be sensed. When a male and female meet each other, they release genetic materials from their excrescences on their back. We have genetically changed this material to make it explosive, so when the substance is in contact with oxygen, it blows up! We are able to control the power of explosion and also have control what targets we want to destroy.


Our power stations, bunkers and static field generators have "Anti-Digit" systems. When our security system tracks down presence of GSD it can automatically change the electric field power ratio or even turn it off. In 99% cases this stops the GSD.


We suspect that this creature was used to attempt on one of the VidaNova leaders.

For more info enter fifth level authorization code: [ ]-[ ]-[ ]-[ ]-[ ]-[ ]-[ ] [ENTER]






concept: The Great Animal Encyclopedia of Planet Gobb

Volume 4, Chapter 56:Cephalopods

"Nasty Pink"

...This species is an example of interesting animal evolution. When the natural environment changed immediately and the water reservoirs started to shrink those creatures had to adapt to living on trees. Hunted on small birds, monkeys and even insects. This octopus-like creature can wait whole day in hideout for a victim. In this situation their skin is green. But when they see any bird or monkey their skin become pink and they start to produce a sweet intensive smell. They look like an interesting fruit or flower (their body is partially covered with scales that simulate flower petals)...

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niepotrzebnie tyle opisujesz, to dodaje swego, ale w produkcji nikt nie da ci na to czasu, jak na wykonczenie conceptow tez, dorzuca ci kilka dodatkowych opcji i z polowa skonczy sie na poziomie szkicu. prosciej mam na mysli zeconcepcik ma zastepowac wlasnie te opisy, dlatego uwazam w tych prackach sa one zbedne.

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Dzieki wam za komentarze.


Tiger - pewnie masz racje co do tego opisu ale akurat do tych koncpetow byl on wymagany. Te prace robilem [w wiekszosci] na potrzeby konkursow na CA.org a tam opis jest niezbedny. Poza tym lubie wymyslac te historyjki. Co do detali, to nie wiem, nie mam tylu doswiadczen w pracy z konceptami. Prosilem jednak jednego z profesionalistow ze "stanow" aby mnie wprowadzil w tajniki pracy z potencjalnym klientem. I musze ci powiedziec, ze finalny render [pewnie niedlkugo zamieszcze] jest pelen detali i robilem go ladnych pare godzin - bo mi ciagle przesylano poprawki :/. Ale byc moze koles ma taki styl pracy i mi go po prostu narzucil.


Pozdrawiam i dzieki raz jeszcze za komentarze


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Dawno nic nie wrzucałem więc naprawiam ten błąd.




Co do konceptu. Najważniejsze w tym stworze jest to, że posiada troje oczu co widać. Jedno z jego oczu widzi przeszłość, jedno przyszłość a ostatnie teraźniejszość co nie koniecznie widać, choć jak sie przyjrzeć to.... więcej w tekście poniżej.







This race was create by Karista, one of the most talented wizards of the city Alturag. The Blofoors are an intelligent species, who can tell stories, riddles and tell what the future brings. They cant talk with people but they are telepaths. Karista was truly surprised that their creatures can so easily tell these stories. She didnt know that she had created spiritualist creatures. Blofoors have three eyes. One eye can see the past, one can see the future and one can see only the present. Thats why they are so talented. However, this talent was recognized by the Lords of Alturag and estimated as very dangerous and finally brought doom on the creatures and their creator.






Ten koncept zrobiłem dla "NEW DAWN" ale ponieważ chopacy maja tam dość ostrą politykę musiałem zrezygnować ze współpracy.

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