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Found 44 results

  1. Praca na CDChallenge
  2. Jako że zostałem oszukany i mój temat przepadł z ciężkim sercem zmuszony jestem do założenia nowego 🙂 Na pierwszy ogień idzie blockout postaci, którą zacząłem robić w wolnych chwilach i but w highpoly. pozdro 🙂
  3. Angelika Kruczek

    In the end ...

    Praca na challenge. Tematem przewodnim był mongolski myśliwy który do łowów używał wytresowanego orła.
  4. vxm


    concept of heavy soldier with exoskeleton and rather unwieldy gun :)
  5. vxm

    Widzące drzewko

    Concept stworzenia odsłaniającego przed graczem dalekie lokacje w grze. Tak, te macki z ozorem to port hdmi :) Popełnione dla Telepaths' Tree
  6. Lubus

    Death Stranding (CGI)

    Fan Art inspirowany grą Death Stranding. Death stranding fan art made with 3ds max and Corona renderer 4.0 + HDRI Ever since I saw the first game trailer, I was thinking of preparing a 3D scene in the atmosphere of the Hideo Kojima game. I am also planning to prepare a model with the baked light on the sketchfab.

    © Marcin Lubecki

  7. Wprowadzam swoje zastępy potworasów. Do wglądu, oceny i krytyki. Tutaj obrazki z weekendu, narysowane ołówkiem, kolorowane cyfrowo. -- Linki padły, zapraszam na kamilmurzynarts.pl --
  8. Cześć, Moja ostatnia galeria VR, Oglądajcie projekt na sketchfab gdyż głównie pod niego scena była przygotowywana. Na behance możecie zobaczyć cały projekt i pobrać darmową mapę hdri. Behance Sketchfab
  9. Platige Image is an award winning animation studio for creative endeavors specializing in designing CG imagery, 3D animation, and digital special effects. At Platige, we combine film and advertising work with a strong passion for art, education, and entertainment. Right now for full-time job we are looking: Character Artist WORK PLACE: Warsaw/Poland The ideal candidate has an experience in modeling and texturing characters and should be able to produce photorealistic models. You’ll collaborate closely with the Art Directors and Supervisors to define the vision for both the characters and organic modeling WE OFFER: Fascinating place to work (old fortress, Warsaw, Poland) Working with team of CG artists with passion to create Unique, challenging projects with top notch technologies To become a part of a story Freak acceptation REQUIRED: A minimum of 2+ years previous experience as a Character Artist An extensive knowledge of Zbrush A solid knowledge of Mari Demonstrable experience in modelling and integrating textures into 3D environments using Maya Possess a strong understanding of light, color, and perspective Very strong polygonal subdivision modeling skills and uv mapping Excellent sense of proportions and proven knowledge of anatomy Ability to work with provided concept art Ability to create photorealistic models Creativity Good eye for a detail, good visual analytical skills Work as part of a team. NICE IF YOU HAVE: Expertise with Adobe Photoshop. More than 3 years of CG experience. Experience in fine arts, technical and theoretical knowledge needed (drawing, painting, shape, light/shadow, color theory, composition). Are you interested in? Send us Your CV over here: [email protected] and put the “Character Artist” in the subject. Please include the following statement with your application: „I hereby consent to the processing of my vital and personal data in so far as this is required under the ongoing and future recruiting processes, in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997, on the Protection of Personal Information (JoL no. 133, item 883).
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